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About Us

Company overview

We are one of the leader suppliers in Egypt of modern and advanced Technology of manufacturing since 2002. And we Start in Germany in 2014 to spread our services in Germany and Gulf Area. On these pages you can find information about our company as well as about our products.

Our objectives: 

  1. Offering our Service to Egypt as well German and Gulf Area Market Using advanced systems.

  2. Increase the performance by Training your staff on using CAD CAM system.

  3. Good Quality with lesser time.... so Minimum Cost.

  4. With our co-operation you will not stop your machine waiting us for programs.

  5. Finding solutions for those complex jobs.

  6. Working concurrently with your programming staff with work backlogs to reduce lead-times.

  7. Acquire aid with outsourcing if your machines are full, specially with our Network in Egypt Market. so many Advantages :

    • Low prices.

    • Low Shipping Costs.

    • Short Lead time.

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