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ZW3D Lite

Solid Modeling + Assembly

ZW3D Standard

.3D Advanced CAD
·Parametric modeling& Direct edit
·Unique Solid-surface hybrid modeling
·Flexible sketch, part, assembly, sheet metal, 2D Sheet, Point cloud and so on Functions

ZW3D Professional

3D CAD + Mold
·Whole process Mold design with moldbase& standard part library
·Core Cavity QuickSplit

ZW3D Premium

3D CAD + Mold + CAM
·All the CAD functions of ZW3D Professional
·Turning and 2&3-Axis Milling

ZW3D 2X Machining

Basic CAD + 2 Axis CAM
·2-Axis Turning
·2-Axis Milling

ZW3D 3X Machining

Basic CAD + 3 Axis CAM
·All functions of ZW3D 2X Machining
·3-Axis surface milling

ZW3D 5 Axis Machining

Solid Modeling + Assembly

ZW3D Student Version

Premium + 5X Milling
·Students from any countries can apply for ZW3D CAD/CAM for free

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Some of Amazing ZW3D

Advanced Sheet metal Unfolding



Sheet Metal

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Wrap Function

Wrap 2


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